We provide sustainable plant-based out-of-home solutions  

Our motivation 

As parents of young children, sustainability plays a special role for us.  As part of a joint project, we learned about the impact of livestock production on our planet. We have actively changed our own diet and now also want to support other people in integrating more plant-based products into their diet - without having to sacrifice good taste.


The result is eVerymeal: high-quality plant-based products for the food service industry. 

Why Food Service? 

From our own experience, we know that the transition to a more plant-based diet works quite smoothly in our own kitchen. The range of vegan products on the market is constantly growing and recipes can often be easily adapted. But if we eat outside home, it is often difficult to reduce animal products. The selection of plant-based offers is still very limited.  On the one hand, this is due to the availability, and especially to the higher prices for plant-based alternatives. 


eVerymeal makes a difference here and develops plant-based products tailored to the special needs of food service: availability in bulk, stability in the product and a good cost/performance ratio.

Who we are: 

Ivonne Blossfeld and Axel Kramer both look back on more than 15 years of experience in the food industry. After different positions in finance, research and development and innovation management, they decided to found eVerymeal. Their aim is to make a sustainable contribution to community catering with plant-based products. 

Ivonne Blossfeld

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Axel Kramer 

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